Pop-up Senchou 船長危機一発 (※声やばい警告※)

Overview / 概要

" Pop-up Senchou" is a hololive fangame of Vtuber Houshou Marine and Amane Kanata. Player insert "Kanata Sword" into the holes of the barrel, and Senchou will pop out of only one of the holes!



Controller inputs listed:

  • Mouse Left Click : press to rotate the view. click the hole to insert sword.
  • Mouse Scroll : scroll to zoom in and out, press to move up and down.
  • Space : pause and unpause.

There 2 ways to insert:

  • Press and hold :
      insert sword slowly and you can feel out from her reaction. The bigger reaction, the more possibility she is going to pop-up.
  • Double click :
      insert sword right away. If original reaction is small, 50% increase to bigger reaction. This doesn't affect the pop-up result.
  • Pop-up result differs from the amount of the sword:

  • Sword 1~5: Senchou lunge pose.
  • Sword 6: Senchou lunge pose without shorts.
  • Sword 7~15: Senchou Ahoy dance.
  • Sword 16~18: Senchou Ahoy dance without shorts.
  • With more sword, the face red and breath speed also get more ! please check it out!


    • マウス左クリック:を押してビューを回転させ、穴をクリックして剣を挿入する。
    • マウススクロール:スクロールで拡大・縮小、押すと上下に移動します。
    • スペース:一時停止/戻る


    • 長押し
    • ダブルクリック


  • 剣 1~5: 船長ポーズ.
  • 剣 6: 船長ポーズ (ショーツなし).
  • 剣 7~15: 船長 Ahoy ダンス.
  • 剣 16~18: 船長 Ahoy ダンス (ショーツなし).
  • 剣が増えると、顔の赤さや息の速さも増してきます!ぜひチェックしてみてください。

    CREDITS / スタッフロール

    Programming / プログラミング: AoiSora_3D

    Model / モデル: AoiSora_3D (船長、彼方剣)、Unity asset store (boat, sea, barrel...)

    Title Illustration & UI/ タイトルイラスト & UI: AoiSora_3D

    Sound / サウンド:  Lots of  stream clips / たくさんの配信切り抜き

  • Marine button / 宝鐘マリンボタン https://hapo31.github.io/marine_button/
  • Sound effect / 効果音ラボ様:  https://soundeffect-lab.info/
  • Translation / 翻訳: DeepL

    Music / 音楽: 

    • 「やるきのない一日」 (フリーBGM素材) 
    •  「Ahoy!」 (Original / 原曲: 宝鐘マリン)

    DISCLAIMER / 免責事項

    This non-commercial game is a derivative work of Cover Corporation's hololive property. This game is not endorsed by or directly affiliated with Cover Corporation or hololive. The game is produced according to Cover Corporation's Derivative Work License Agreement. The developer does not claim any ownership of the hololive property.


    PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
    Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
    (12 total ratings)
    Tagshololive, hololive--fangame, houshoumarine


    Pop-up Senchou.apk 74 MB


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    Muito bom!!

    Personagen muito bem Frito, éla é Linda👍😍

    Srsly tho, what if Senchou plays this herself '^' that'll be a banger lmao

    Thank you, that will be awesome lol

    Show post...


    This game sure is ... cultured

    Real well done in terms of reactions, 3D models/anims, and sound design lmao


    Thank you!

    Wow! A second game so quickly!

    Good job on the Marine 3d model! She's amazing!

    Very fun game. :D

    Thanks! I'm still adding stuff for some suggestions I got after post this tho XD